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Legacy Farmland Fund

Sower is dedicated to providing a comprehensive solution for Landowners.

Sower’s Legacy Farmland Fund exists entirely because of the issues facing landowners today. Our whole mission is to keep farmers on the land. And, we do this by giving landowners a way to monetize their farm instead of selling it and being subject to capital gains taxes, or by having no succession plan in place at all.

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The Legacy Farmland Fund Team

Matt Pickens

Sr Managing Director

Ethan Branscum

Sr. Director of Acquisitions

Eric Mueller

Founder, Managing Partner

Jared Hollinger

CEO, Sr. Managing Partner

Our Name

The Sower is an iconic figure — taking great care to sow his seed in the right soil and in the best conditions to ensure a successful crop. Like the Sower, the Legacy Farmland Fund team is passionate about continuously tending to the opportunities that are in front of us, planting the right seeds at the right time, and nurturing them for a successful harvest.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep producers farming land and keep crop land in production. We do this by bringing together financial resources, expert analysis, and standout talent that support our Contributors with expertise and opportunity.

Our Values


We are strategic and value-driven in our approach. We face decision-making with confidence and face adversity with determination, resulting alternative investments that fit our Contributor’s needs.


We foster a culture of abundant opportunity, acting as good stewards of the resources and talent we have the privilege to utilize.


We take responsibility for our duties, actions, and outcomes. We value transparency and hold ourselves to a higher standard.


We promote a culture that brings out the best in ourselves and others and inspires our team to make wise, well-informed decisions.


We value the power of collaboration. By building strong, lasting relationships with our Contributors, we can provide the expert support they need to maximize investment opportunity.


We always consider the consequences of our actions, striving to make the right decisions and act in favor of the best outcomes for each asset.


Our deep experience, proven approach, and unmatched results inspire trust and lay the groundwork for lasting partnerships.

Our Purpose

To Honor God in All We Do

We believe our daily work is meant to glorify more than ourselves. We focus on maximizing the impact of our natural talents and how they can leave the biggest positive mark on our business, our community, and those investors we serve.

To Serve Others

Serving others in our business is achieved through teamwork and respect for our team. Our leaders show this service through their leadership and the desire to empower our people by removing any barrier that stands in the way of maximizing their potential. Our overall team serves our investors by maximizing investment results and by being good stewards of our collective resources in the communities we work.

To Pursue Excellence

We believe in a culture of high performance and high accountability with the goal of bringing out the best our team. Excellence is achieved by challenging each other and by a culture of constant improvement. We believe in a culture of measuring performance and progress with recognition that excellence comes from disciplined and strategic planning as well as relentless work ethic.

To Create Value & Grow Profitably

We are passionate and determined in our quest to create value, profit, and opportunity for our team and for our investors. We are mindful of how we grow and recognize our finite resources are limited and must be deployed strategically.

Meet The Legacy Advisory Board

Todd Mekelburg

Kenton Springer

Jim Farrell

Randy Dickhut

Phil Peabody

Paul Neiffer

Fred Hepler

Ray Smith