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Farmland Legacy Planning
with Legacy Farmland Fund

Farmland assets are the physical embodiment of hard work, nurturing and productivity that may span generations of families. When the time comes to monetize this asset in a secure, convenient and profitable way, consider contributing the farm into the Legacy Farmland Fund.

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Preserve & Protect Your Asset

It’s our mission to offer farmland divestiture solutions so farm families can make independent decisions based on their unique and personal circumstances.

The Legacy team has worked with farm families for decades, making it their mission to offer the Legacy Farmland Fund. We’re familiar with the problems that can occur when it comes time to pass on the farm. Keep the farm or sell it – without many options differing desires can tear a family apart.


Why Legacy?

The Legacy Team is comprised of professional farm managers providing services to keep farms productive and profitable.

Best in Class tenants and lease structures
Tenant management and oversight
Strong partnerships with producers
Portfolio management
Liquidity to investors
Increased net revenue, investment quality and diversity
Maximum secondary income sources
Greater investment insulation
Growth of distributions

A 721 Exchange with Legacy Farmland Fund

When a 721 Exchange is performed into the Legacy Farmland Fund, landowners receive Fund Units in exchange for their farmland.

With Fund Units, the farmland owner has many divestiture options, or can retain the Units in the Fund to take advantage of a portfolio of pooled farmland assets.