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Farmland Legacy Planning
with Legacy Farmland Trust

Legacy Farmland Trust helps Fiduciaries fulfill their client’s intentions and objectives while creating revenue and avoiding tax liabilities.

As a Fiduciary, it’s your priority to manage trusts according to the settlors original intent while also acting in the best interest of the beneficiaries.

Legacy Farmland Trust helps you do just that.

Legacy provides solutions and options that help to maintain, grow or liquidate farming operations while beneficiaries receive stable, long-term returns. Farm contribution into Legacy Farmland Trust allows farmland owners to enjoy flexibility while gifting ownership to multiple parties and benefitting from economies of scale.

How It Works: Farm Contribution Into The Fund

When a farm is contributed into the Legacy Farmland Trust, landowners receive Fund Units in exchange for their farmland asset.

With Fund Units in hand, the Unit holder has many divestiture options available, or can retain the Units in the Fund to take advantage of a portfolio of pooled farmland assets.

Fund Units allow land owners to have many wealth management options.

Why Legacy?

The Legacy Team is comprised of professional farm managers providing services to keep farms productive and profitable.

Best in Class tenants and lease structures
Tenant management and oversight
Strong partnerships with producers
Portfolio management
Liquidity to investors
Increased net revenue, investment quality and diversity
Maximum secondary income sources
Greater investment insulation
Growth of distributions

Client Benefits

Utilize our video to show clients the benefits of farm contribution into Legacy Farmland Trust.